We’re very proud to announce that the new BG3 website is finally live!

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every corner of the world over these last 12-months.  For the staff at BG3, the pandemic has made our own rebranding timeline a monthly moving target we’re happy to have behind us.

In 2019 we made the decision to change our name and do a complete make-over in line with our mission.  The new “look & feel” was set to go live April 1st, 2020 only to be stopped cold on March 16th when the economy shut down due to COVID.

The next nine months were about doing whatever it took to keep our customers in business, move their employees to safe work environments, pivot their marketing to COVID strategies, keep their enterprise systems live under tremendous Internet loads and outages, facilitate their ability to process their customer orders and payments remotely, and focus intently on making sure the BG3 staff survives these new realities of life under pandemic hardship.  We continue to experience a daily “failure is not an option” triage of emergencies which provides little time to concentrate on our own growth and rebranding.

During a time of devastating nationwide employee lay-offs, we’ve struggled to recruit new employees with the skills, commitment, and ethics our leadership demands.  We’re very proud that we’ve successfully added three new staff members since last summer and continue to seek candidates that create excellence.  We’re also very proud to have kept all our staff COVID-free while enhancing our service level to our customers.

One year ago today was the start of the pandemic crisis in the United States. Our focus remains on our customers during this pandemic crisis which isn’t over.

The economy may be on the cusp of opening back up and this time with dramatic pent-up demand. As much as today marks a milestone for BG3, we must continue to concentrate on making sure our customers are ready to capture that pent-up demand for their goods and services. Now is your time to revise your marketing, prepare social media advertising, and get your systems and staff ready to process all the business that you can handle.

We feel blessed to push live this first version of the BG3 website and expect to see the other pieces of the original 2020 marketing plan come online in stages over this year.